vrijdag 9 november 2018

Strip Tees

If you could make one wish, she asked, what would you wish for, mum?
I doubted. A self-cleansing house would be great. 48 hours in a day. Churros for breakfast. Mega Toby as my neighbour ...

The look she gave me next ... Múmmy! - insert eyeroll - If you get just one wish, the only thing you should wish for is that áll of your future wishes will come true!


Well alright then, smartass. Here's a question for you: If I would challenge you to sew your very own T-shirt, what would you say?

The look she gave me next ... Enthousiastic. Excited. Eager. I guess my first wish of the day came true already.

The sewing challenge actually came from Olu (Madeit Patterns): 8 sewing bloggers and their newbie t(w)eenagers were to make their own Strip Tees. A little help was allowed but had to be minimal.

(Yes, this is a competition! So your vote would mean a lot to me. Please check my Instagram account HERE for more information.)

The first hurdle - picking the fabrics - was easy. So was tracing and cutting the paper pattern. A little harder was it for me not to comment on her pinning- and cutting-fabric-techniques, very unique to say the least ... (Note to self: must buy new pair of fabric scissors)

On to the sewing. Just seeing her in front of my sewing machine filled my heart with pride. That was before she made her first attempt to stitch. No, I'm just kidding. She did GREAT! Slowly but GREAT! And so did I by the way. I turned out to be amazingly patient. The only time I had to step in was to attach the neckband. Or maybe I just feared that hers would look neater than mine.

Now I know what you're thinking: you wish you could do some twin-sewing with your daughter as well, don't you? Well, you can! The Strip Tee is a very quick and easy pattern for any unexperienced sewist. During the Strip Tee Challenge week (5-11 November) you even get 20% off the Strip Tee pattern for adults (UK size 6-20) and teens (XXS - L). No code necessary.

But be careful what you wish for. A sewing teen in the house means you have to share your sewing machine ... I think I might just try that 48-hours-in-a-day-wish again.


PATTERN: Strip Tee (Madeit Patterns)
FABRIC: Lotte Martens (Soldeur - www.wildvanstof.be)
STRIP FABRIC: A. Boeken (Amsterdam)

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I wish I had a Strip Tee as cool as that. I looooooooove them.

  2. Leuke challenge en goed gedaan! Toen ik van mijn mama leerde naaien was ik zo traag dat mijn papa vroeg of ik per uur betaald werd 😉